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Soft Vinyl Toy
7 results

Gripper Balls

As low as $5.99
Treat your dog to a ball he can carry around with ease! Soft vinyl squeaky ball encourages batting, shaking, fetching, and chasing indoors and out. This tote-anywhere, durable ball is great for your dog to play with in the yard, park, beach, or any spot! Made of nontoxic vinyl. Gripper Balls are not intended for dogs who are aggressive chewers. ...
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Soft-Flex Swirl Balls for Dogs

As low as $3.89
Interactive play promotes excellent exercise Dog toys designed for easy grabbing Textured surface for easy handling Heavy-duty, nontoxic vinyl balls are flexible and textured to keep your dog on the chase. Nubs and swirls cause erratic bounces and creative grip-able surfaces. Puncture resistant. Molded-in squeaker. Washable. Colors as shown.
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Paw-zzle Balls

As low as $15.99
Two-balls-in-one roll unpredictably and invite your dog to try to separate them Paw-zzle Balls' 5 just-too-small holes prevent the inner ball from escaping, challenging your dog endlessly! TOUGH plastic construction will not tear, break, or burst - perfect for demanding, active dogs Two-balls-in-one means pure delight for your ball-loving dog! This interactive, puzzling dog toy rolls ...
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Soft-Flex Bumpy Ball Dog Toy

As low as $2.99
Dog ball toys made of heavy-duty, flexible vinyl plastic Features plastic bumps that cause erratic bounces during fetch Squeaks with every squeeze to entice play and boost interaction Keep your pooch on the chase with these fun dog fetch ball toys. Heavy-duty, nontoxic vinyl plastic balls boast a bumpy, textured surface that eases, yet excites, play. Square and triangular nubs ...
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Tricky Treat Ball

As low as $10.99
If your dog tends to gulp the treats you give him, slow him down with a challenging Tricky Treat Ball Toy. This soft vinyl, treat-dispensing toy can be filled with small treats or dry kibble to keep doggie playtime fun and engaging - and long lasting! Active play jostles out treats to keep food-motivated dogs entertained for hours. Tricky Treat ...
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Glow Tail Wand Toy

As low as $4.99
Teaser toy boasts glow lights for playful fun - even in the dark Long, soft tail is like a giant feather to lure cats into hunting mode You get to orchestrate all the fun from the 18" wand! This exciting cat toy gives a whole new meaning to the word "taillight". This toy's teasing tail features glow lights to lure ...
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Soft-Flex AirBall Dog Toys

As low as $3.99
Heavy-duty, nontoxic vinyl AirBall dog toys are perfect for retrieving, toting, and squeaking. With aerodynamic design and tough rubber construction, AirBall toys for dogs fly further, bounce higher, and make fetch more FUN! Each AirBall dog toy contains a sturdy, molded-in squeaker to add exciting sound to every play session. AirBall dog toys are puncture-resistant, but not intended for ...
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