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Small Pet Spin Toy

8 results

Dog It Mind Games Interactive Toy for Dogs

As low as $14.99
Fun, educational toy challenges dogs with three rewarding games Clever dog toy develops problem-solving skills as your dog plays Interactive smart toy for dogs brings pet families together to bond Dog It Mind Games is the fun interactive dog toy that'll test your dog's mental and physical abilities - and reward his success. Three problem-solving games keep pets focused while ...
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Dog Treat Maze

As low as $16.99
A fun, challenging way to reward your pet with kibble food or dog treats Also use with dogs that gulp kibble to help slow down feeding Dishwasher-safe maze is suitable for dogs of all ages and sizes Does your pet gulp his pet food? Is he overweight? If so, try serving his kibble in the Dog Treat Maze. This clever ...
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Seek-A-Treat Dog Toys

As low as $12.99
Test your dog's treat-finding IQ with these durable puzzle toys Add dog treats or kibble, cover them with toy pieces, and then watch the hunt! Provides mental stimulation for your dog and rewards his hard work See whether your dog is smart enough to retrieve treats and kibble from these challenging puzzle toys. Start by placing your pet's favorite treats ...
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KONG Wobbler Dog Toy

As low as $19.99
Treat-dispensing toy and feeder helps prevent unhealthy gulping High-strength polymer toy wobbles, spins and rolls unpredictably Has a screw-off top for easy filling of dry kibble or small treats This treat-dispensing dog toy spins, rolls, and wobbles its way into your pet's playtime fun. The unpredictable action of the toy keeps the toy interesting, even for seasoned users. An excellent ...
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KONG Satellite Dog Toy

As low as $8.99
KONG puzzle toy for dogs dispenses treats or kibble Helps prevent rapid eating of kibble or small rewards Toy provides an entertaining spin, tilt, and tumble motion Slow down your dog's eating of kibble or small rewards by using a treat dispenser like KONG Satellite. This unique treat-dispensing dog toy features a unique shape that your dog must tumble and ...
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Star Chaser Cat Toy

As low as $2.99
Stimulate your cat with lights, catnip, ball and scratching - all in one toy Replaceable scratch surface ensures toy lasts and lasts Helps stimulate your cat to play and exercise Illuminated cat toy thrills with lights, catnip, and the interactive play your cat craves. Your cat's pawing action sets the lighted ball in motion around the track. Corrugated center delivers ...
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Triangle Rocker Hanging Bird Toy

As low as $11.99
Rocker bird toys encourage balance, coordination, and strong leg musclesShe'll spend hours rocking, playing, and preeningDurable woven cotton and metal chain-link will last and last Rocker bird toys sway and spin for irresistible interactive fun. Relieve boredom and deter feather plucking. Triangle Rocker is made of soft, tightly woven, multi-colored cotton. Includes tassel for preening, ...
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Party Chimes

As low as $3.99
Two levels spin and turn Multiple textures keep birds intrigued Colored with vegetable based dye Watch your small bird pull and preen the paper streamers, pick at the plastic beads, and peck and chew the wood slats. Made with pine, vine, paper, and steel. Place small nuts or seeds in the wicker ball for your small bird to forage. Dangles ...
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