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Sensitive Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder
6 results

Squirrel Buster Plus Bird Feeder

As low as $17.99
Use the latest technology to stay one step ahead of pesky squirrels. This feeder's weight-sensitive spring mechanism closes feed ports when squirrels attempt to eat, and it is located inside the feeder so squirrels can't tamper with it. Use with or without the cardinal ring, depending on birds you wish to attract. Built-to-last UV-stabilized polycarbonate, powder-coated aluminum, and ...
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Squirrel Buster Classic Bird Feeder

As low as $49.50
Removable perches make this wild bird feeder suitable for clinging and perching birds Ventilation system circulates air to prevent seed from molding UV-stabilized polycarbonate constructed feeder withstands the hot summer sun Use the latest technology to stay ahead of pesky squirrels. Weight-sensitive feeder closes feed ports when squirrels and larger birds try to feed. This feeder features a ...
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Original Absolute Feeder

As low as $59.99
Heritage Farms Original Absolute Feeder keeps out squirrels and larger, unwanted birds. Weight sensitive perch with adjustable weight settings allows you to select the size and type of birds to feed. Powder-coated steel body resists squirrel and weather damage. Includes mounting pole and heavy-duty metal hanger for versatile installation. Holds 10 quarts of any kind of seed . Try filling ...
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Squirrel-Be-Gone Feeder

As low as $23.99
Beautiful squirrel-proof feeder prevents squirrels from stealing seed or damaging feeder Squirrel's weight pulls cage down and covers feeding holes Holds 2 qts seed and attracts chickadees, nuthatches, finches, and more Beautiful and functional, the unique, weight-sensitive outer metal cage of this feeder is spring-loaded and closes off feeding ports when squirrels climb on, and the top ...
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Yankee Whipper® Seed Feeder

As low as $69.99
Weight-sensitive perches collapse under the weight of squirrels Curved perch position attracts larger birds like cardinals Watch (and chuckle) as squirrels try to feed and fall away from this feeder You'll get better seed mileage with this squirrel-proof wild bird feeder. That's because squirrels cannot lunch from this innovative feeder. Four, weight-sensitive, stainless steel perches ...
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Mini Absolute II Squirrel-Proof Feeder

As low as $34.99
Mini Absolute bird feeder packs same big features as our Original Absolute Feeder!Two adjustable weight-activated ports stop squirrelsAll-metal construction creates a fortress against thieves Same big features as our Original Absolute Feeder, but with a NEW compact size! Weight-sensitive perches with adjustable settings keep out squirrels and large, unwanted birds. The double-sided, bright ...
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