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Saltwater Aquariums Canister Filters
8 results

AquaTop CF Series Canister Filter

As low as $79.99
Multistage aquarium canister filters at a great hobby-friendly value Provides quiet, efficient filtration for fresh and saltwater aquariums Single valve disconnect & priming pump ease routine maintenance Smartly priced canister filter keeps outstanding multistage filtration affordable. AquaTop CF Series Canister Filter is a popular choice for saltwater and freshwater aquarists thanks to its ...
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Marineland Multistage Canister Filters

As low as $22.99
Easy-to-use, high-performance, 3-stage aquarium canister filterIncluded media captures more particulates for crystal clear water "No bypass" water flow means efficient aquarium filtrationHigh-performance, no bypass design means superior aquarium canister filtration. Efficient, multistage filters force water through the Stack n' Flo filter media trays to provide exceptional mechanical, ...
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Eheim Pro 3 E Series Canister Filter

As low as $69.99
Electronic microprocessor-controlled canister filter by Eheim AquaticsBuilt-in microprocessor monitors filter functions for optimum performance"Intelligent" aquarium filter helps simplify routine filter maintenance Programmable canister filter blends electronic technology for a healthy aquarium environment. Intelligent, new generation aquarium filter features a built-in microprocessor that ...
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Rapids Mini Canister Filter

As low as $24.99
Easy-to-use canister filter ideal for nano, mini-reef, and other small aquariums Efficient canister filter design with powerful high flow rate and quiet operation Features sleek, modern design which complements most aquariums Rapids Mini Canister Filter provides optimum 3-stage filtration to smaller aquariums, such as nano, mini-reef, or planted aquariums. Compact, super-efficient filter ...
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Eheim ECCO Canister Filters

As low as $144.99
Easy-to-use canister filter great for first-time aquarium owners Powerful 3-stage filtration provides excellent aquarium filtration Comes with Eheim filter media for fast, convenient aquarium use Powerful canister filters great for novice or experienced aquarists alike. Eheim ecco Pro Canister Filters boast extreme ease of use and reliable, worry-free and energy-efficient performance for ...
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Eheim Advanced Canister Filters

As low as $349.99
Powerful high output filters now tackle a full range of popular aquarium sizes! Energy-efficient top-quality Eheim Advanced Canister Filters handle even the largest aquariums with ease. These impressive professional grade filters are loaded with innovative features for advanced hobbyists, but are easy to use for beginners. Automatic self-priming feature and safety hose adapters with locking ...
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Fluval 06 Multi-Stage Canister Filters

As low as $119.99
Upgraded aquarium filter boasts more power and conveniences than the Fluval 05 Advanced motor maintains water flow vital to efficient filtration Greater filter volume for enhanced mechanical, chemical and biological filtration Improved performance, quiet operation and easier start up help make aquarium-keeping worry free. The Fluval 06 is the next generation model from a trusted line of ...
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Fluval FX6 High Performance Canister Filter

As low as $7.99
Upgrade of popular high performance canister filter boasts enhanced performance and setup ease. Fluval FX6 High Performance Canister Filter makes aquarium fishkeeping easier and more convenient. Astounding 1.5-gallon media capacity filter is powered by an energy-efficient pump with a 935-gph pump output that draws just 43 watts! The result is cleaner and healthier aquarium water while ...
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