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Rubber Hair Brush
6 results

Rubber Curry Brush for Dogs

As low as $4.49
Keep your shorthaired dog free of loose, dead hair and restore healthy, natural coat sheen using The Rubber Curry Brush by Four Paws. This flexible rubber grooming tool delivers a gentle massage that stimulates hair follicles and helps distributes natural oils for maximum coat shine. Your pet loves the special attention and massaging touch. Easy-grip oval shape won't fatigue your ...
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Flexible Cat Slicker Brush by Millers Forge

As low as $6.99
Remove dead and loose hair on your cat, and then give her a stimulating massage - using the same grooming brush. Flexible Cat Slicker Brush features mat-removing pins on one side and rubber massage heads on the other so you can do double duty at grooming time. Its lightweight design feels good in your hand and reduces fatigue as you ...
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Pro Slicker Brush

As low as $4.99
Small pet grooming brush helps reduce shedding and adds shine to your pet's coatErgonomic rubber handle means it's comfortable for youSoft plastic tips protect sensitive skin Professional quality small pet grooming brush adds luster, reduces shedding, and prevents hairballs. Brush features pliable plastic teeth and soft plastic tips to protect sensitive skin and gently remove loose hair. ...
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Ultimate Touch Pro 2 in 1 Brush with Shedding Blade

As low as $8.99
This economical grooming tool provides both a gentle slicker brush and a shedding blade. It is the preferred brush for pets with sensitive skin and delicate coats. Use the slicker side to gently remove mats in the coat and for thorough brushing that helps distribute natural coat oils. Use the shedding blade side to remove all of your dog's dead ...
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Pet Hair Eliminator Brush

As low as $7.99
Gentle enough to massage your cat, tough enough for carpet and stairsElectrostatic bristles lift shedding, lint and loose hair with easeSmart deshedding design reaches places vacuums can't touch Attract cat shedding like a magnet with this 2-in-1 pet hair pickup brush with electrostatic bristles. Hundreds of soft rubber bristles massage your cat as you groom, lifting away unwanted shedding ...
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Roma Soft Grip Flex Body Brush by WeatherBeeta

As low as $3.99
Flexible horse grooming brush lets you comfortably groom your horse to create a smooth, stunning coat Soft rubber flex points allow the brush to conform to the natural contours of your horse's body Adjustable brush handle fits virtually any hand for faster, more precise horse grooming The Soft Grip Flex Body Brush by Roma lets you easily, thoroughly groom your ...
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