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Rubber Cats Toys
7 results

Kitty Kong & Stuff 'N Easy Treat Combo

As low as $5.99
Cats come running for this toy and treat combo. Squeeze a little of the included salmon-recipe paste inside the center of the cat-sized Kong and watch kitty bat, roll and forage her way to satisfying, delicious play. Kitty Kong is made with special, lightweight rubber ideal for cats, and this toy combo includes a 2.5 oz tube of Stuff 'N ...
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Wacky Web™

As low as $22.99
Battery-operated cat toy entices active play with irresistible spinning "tail" movement and a rolling rattle ball Unpredictable play challenges your cat, keeps her active, and ignites her natural hunting instinct Programmable cat toy will run at a slow, medium, fast, or random pace for hours of fun Your cat won't mind getting caught up in this "web." With its irresistible ...
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Cataction Lattice Ball

As low as $3.99
The Cataction Lattice Ball keeps the action going with amazing textures, catnip scent and flavor, and fluttering feathers. This soft, flexible rubber cat toy is infused with premium catnip oil to entice and excite your cat. Plus, the ball's delicate circle pattern lets you add a favorite treat to the center for an extra-special playtime reward. The lightweight Cataction Lattice ...
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Ball of Furry Fury

As low as $4.99
Squeaky mouse ball cat toy with realistic mouse sounds Every time kitty nudges or bats the ball, the mouse will squeak Delivers hours of playtime fun for cats of all ages Squeaky mouse inside this cat ball toy adds a new challenge to the chase. When the ball is batted, it rolls, which nudges the mouse enough to make it ...
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All-in-One Cat Scratcher

As low as $16.99
Cat scratcher protects your carpeting, furniture, walls, & doors! 2 ways to use: placed on floor or mounted on the wallRubber feet prevent sliding - durable construction outlasts other models Use this cat scratcher vertically or horizontally – whichever your cat prefers! Wood-framed scratch post stays safely in place on the floor with 4 rubber feet to prevent sliding. For ...
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Combo Cat Scratching Platform

As low as $59.99
Use flat or create an angled cat scratcher Classic craftsman style construction suits any decor Features two sisal scratching surfaces -->Versatile feline scratcher features dual sisal scratching surfaces. Unique, hinged panel design allows your cat to scratch in one of two ways. Set flat on the ground to offer an impressive 19-1/4" long scratching surface for your kitty to climb ...
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Orka Spool with String Cat Toy

As low as $2.29
Catnip-infused cat toy energizes kitty's play sessions String "tail" provides a prey-like challenge & won't unravel Rubber spool bounces erratically to keep cats chasing & pouncing Cats are lured in by this toy's irresistible catnip scent, but they become hooked by its unpredictable bounce. With one swat, this rubber spool bounces erratically to keep your cat guessing (and exercising). You ...
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