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Resin Outdoor Decor

7 results

Pond Boss Turtle Baby with Mama Spitter

As low as $21.99
Whimsical resin pond spitter featuring adorable mom and baby turtle Decorative pond spitter oxygenates & provides vital water circulation Family-friendly motif welcomes guests to explore your pond or water garden Personalize your pond or water garden with this fun and functional pond spitter. Pond Boss Turtle Baby with Mama Spitter welcomes friends and family with its whimsical charm and the ...
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Water Rippling Birdbath w/Water Wiggler

As low as $49.99
Creates ripples in birdbath water to attract wild birds Eliminates the stagnant water in which mosquitoes breed Great value for bath and Wiggler all in one Create a safe, backyard oasis for wild birds without breaking the bank. Combination pedestal birdbath includes an ingenious Water Wiggler to create continuous water ripples. The moving water helps attract wild birds to your ...
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Decorative Scalloped Heated Birdbath

As low as $114.99
Thermostatically-controlled heated bath keeps water ice-free year round Scallop-edged, long-wearing resin birdbath mimics decorative concrete baths Both the heater and the cord connection are out of view to enhance appearance Decorative Scalloped Heated Birdbath keeps water ice-free all winter, thanks to an inner, thermostatically-controlled heater that turns on only when necessary. This ...
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Three-Tier Fountain Birdbath

As low as $59.99
Attract local birds with the sound and motion of trickling water Decorative 3-Tier Fountain includes built-in pump that recycles 2 gallons of water Durable resin material holds up to the elements Attract local birds to bathe with a showpiece fountain birdbath. This beautiful birdbath features three levels - the top level spouts water, pools it on the second level, and ...
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Aquascape® Lazy Frog on Lily Pad Spitter

As low as $63.98
Whimsical accent piece perfect for ponds & container water gardens Add personality to your water feature while adding water movement Kit comes complete with pond spitter, pond water pump and tubing Froggie says relax! Aquascape Lazy Frog on Lily Pad Spitter wonderfully captures what all pond-owners desire most - relaxing and enjoying the beauty and tranquil sounds of a water ...
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Catit Design Senses Water Fountain

As low as $7.99
Cat drinking fountain has an elevated design for a better drinking position Replaceable filter inside fountain collects debris, food, hair, and sediment Large surface area of fountain creates better oxygenation, keeping water clear Cats crave clean water and what's more important to a cat's health than consuming enough water? Catit Fountain provides clear, recirculating, healthy water to your ...
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Lighted Fountain Birdbath

As low as $95.99
Trickling water attracts neighborhood birds to gather and batheBell spout and soft light are a tranquil addition to your backyardDurable resin material holds up to the elements Attract visiting birds to bathe by day, enjoy a beautifully-lit garden showpiece by night. This trickling fountain spouts water in a striking bell effect from the top, pools it, and gently trickles it ...
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