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Recycled Plastic Bird Feeder
6 results

Recycled Double Upside Down Suet Cake Feeder

As low as $28.43
Want to attract more cling feeders and keep uninvited grackles and starlings away? Serve suet upside down! Mega capacity suet feeder holds up to 4 standard cakes and features a vinyl-coated grid that only cling feeding birds can navigate to feed. Made from recycled plastic and milk jugs, 5/8" poly lumber is guaranteed to never crack, split or fade. Extra ...
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Audubon Going Green™ Oriole Feeder

As low as $29.99
Fruit, jelly, and worm feeder attracts orioles, bluebirds, and other fruit or insect eaters Eco-friendly bird feeder for jelly, fruit, or worms is made from 90% post-consumer recycled plastic Polycarbonate roof on worm, jelly, or fruit feeder for worms is easy for birds to see their treats Attract orioles or bluebirds to both sides of this environmental friendly fruit feeder. ...
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Green Solutions Upside-Down Suet Feeder w/Book

As low as $19.99
Attract fascinating woodpeckers with feeder & instruction set Eco-green woodpecker suet feeder made from 98% recycled material Complimentary 32-page Enjoying Woodpeckers More booklet included! Bring more woodpeckers to your backyard! 98% recycled plastic feeder made of 1/2"-thick poly lumber turns traditional bird feeding upside down - the way woodpeckers and other cling-feeders love to eat. ...
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Birch Log Mixed Seed Tube Feeder

As low as $42.99
Flaunt the unmistakable grain of white birch bark to enhance gardens and feeding stations. Birch wood is central to the decor of northern lodges and cabins, and now you can bring this feel to your backyard with this beautiful replica. Birch Log Mixed Seed Tube Feeder offers a thick, PVC-like center tube with silk-screened birch bark pattern that weathers beautifully, ...
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Green Solutions Fly-Through Feeder

As low as $34.99
Hanging platform birdfeeder elevates nuts, seeds, & moreEco-green feeder made from 98% recycled materialsGuaranteed to last season after season Elevate platform feeding into the trees to attract the largest variety of birds. Patented mesh-bottom tray lets you serve any kind of nuts or seed. Plus, seed stays dry and free of mold, boosting bird health. 98% recycled plastic feeder guaranteed ...
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2.5 Qt. Recycled Hopper Feeder

As low as $27.99
This recycled plastic feeder is not only economical but also durable enough to provide years of use. This hopper-style bird feeder features a bottom tray with lip that serves perching birds and those that prefer flat feeders. Recycled plastic tray with drain holes, plus wide roof, protect seed. Wide roof also offers birds respite from rain and snow. Acrylic sides ...
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