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Recycled Glass Hummingbird Feeder
4 results

Lunch Pail Sweetheart Hummingbird Feeder

As low as $19.99
Hummingbirds love the color red. This lovely lunch pail-style hummingbird feeder offers both a feeding port and a jewel-like accent in gleaming red to attract them to feed. Lunch Pail Sweetheart Hummingbird Feeder adds beauty and style to backyard feeding stations. The feeder is made from crystal-clear, eco-friendly recycled glass with a removable red blossom nectar port. Feeder includes a ...
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Flower Pot Hummingbird Feeder

As low as $19.99
Attract hummingbirds with this gorgeous blue flower-pot shaped feeder Boasts beautiful, eco-friendly recycled glass and holds 4 oz nectar Easy-fill, easy-clean feeder makes a great garden accent Attract hummingbirds while also conveying serene elegance to backyard gardens. With a flower pot silhouette, this beautiful feeder gleams and glows shimmery indigo blue on a sunny day. It features a ...
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Parasol Pixie Hummingbird Feeder

As low as $16.99
Artisanal hummingbird feeder made from hand-blown recycled glass Whimsical nectar feeder attracts hummingbirds and compliments Great gift at a great price for any hummingbird or wild bird lover Add instant garden charm with this adorable nectar feeder. Parasol Pixie Hummingbird Feeder - Clear is a compact nectar feeder that's big on style sure to attract beautiful hummingbirds as well as ...
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Audubon Going Green™ Oriole Feeder

As low as $29.99
Attract orioles or bluebirds to both sides of this environmental friendly fruit feeder. Orange attracts birds and the treats you provide keep them coming back for more. 4-1/4" diameter x 1" deep orange glass dish holds jelly or mealworms and two 1-5/8" spikes are a perfect place for orange halves. This feeder is constructed of brilliant orange 90% post-consumer recycled ...
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