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Customers Testimonials about Drs. Foster & Smith Vita-minTabs Senior

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Sarah Jo Boyle
Social Circle, GA


I have two 14-year-old dogs that are littermates. Since giving them Drs. Foster & Smith Vita-minTabs Senior, I noticed they have more energy and much better appetites. I am very pleased with the Vita-minTabs Senior. I believe they have helped to extend the lives of two very dear pets.

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Louise Fogel
Annapolis, MD


I have two senior citizens dogs, Omni and Hubble. They both have had vitamins supplements since they were little tykes. My husband loves to feed them “goodies” so when I tried to feed them regular senior vitamins from the pet store, neither of them would eat them unless they were buried in a tasty treat. I purchased the liver-flavored Drs. Foster & Smith Vita-minTabs Senior – no problem! They ate them immediately and both dogs are doing great.

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