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Customers Testimonials about PetPocket Bird Carrier

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[City Not Selected], NY


If your bird likes exploring small places and enjoys being with his flock, your bird will love the PetPocket Bird Carrier. We take our Caique almost anywhere in it. He was a big attention getter at a recent street fair we attended. He is not afraid to chew things, but he hasn't done significant damage to the PetPocket.

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San Francisco, CA


I take my little Green Cheek Conure for walks whenever it's warm enough outside. She knows whenever I get the carrier out that we are going on an adventure and gets very happy. This way, she can be outside with me and be safe at the same time, so we both enjoy ourselves. Even if there's a little breeze, she is safe inside her carrier but still gets to make new friends and and enjoy nature walks in the park.

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Peggy Belcher
Spokane, WA


It looks great and big mushy birds love to be close to you.

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Judy Kaplan
San Diego, CA


For me, the PetPocket Bird Carrier is a must for small-medium parrots. My cockatiel loves it-she goes for a walk everywhere in it. People cannot believe how clever an item it is. She is safe in it, can see out of it, can perch on it-true happiness. One suggestion I have is that I wish it came in light colors besides the black.

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Victoria Absten
Louisville, KY


My Sun conure Mango loves to go on walks in her PetPocket. It also makes it easy for trips to the vet.

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New York, NY


My TITO AND BOO love the PetPocket. They love the attention that they got when they go out.

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