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Bendable Carpenter Ladders

Bendable Carpenter Bird Ladder
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* This ladder bends for unique cage placement
* Multi-color, solid wood construction
* Exercise, entertainment, and chew fun all in one toy

Made with the creativity of a carpenter, this ladder features versatile, bendable sections. Configure them in the shape of a swing, or connect them from cage ceiling to side to make a daring bridge. Challenges your bird's balance while providing safe chewing action. Solid wood (Larchwood) construction with bright, safely-dyed rungs and sides. Includes hook attachments at both ends. All ladders have 3/8" rungs and may be used for birds sized from parakeets to conures.

Size Dimensions # of Rungs Rung Dia. Recommend For
15" 5" x 15" 8 3/8" Parakeet or smaller
20" 5" x 20" 10 3/8" Parakeet to Conure
24" 5" x 24" 12 3/8" Parakeet to Conure

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