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Tetra Pond Pond Fish Treatment

Tetra Pond Pond Fish Treatment
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* Liquid pond fish treatment treats & prevents pond fish diseases
* Controls external parasites, bacteria, & fungus that infect pond fish
* Treats koi & goldfish infected by Icthyophthirius multifillis (Ick or white spot)

Dual-purpose pond fish treatment treats AND prevents a variety of pond fish diseases. TetraPond Pond Fish Treatment helps control a broad range of external parasites, bacteria, and fungus that cause infection. Use as a treatment when signs of infection and disease are present. Dose your pond in Spring (when water temperatures exceed 53°F or 12°C) and again in Summer to prevent hidden diseases and infections.

TetraPond Pond Fish Treatment treats koi and goldfish infected by protozoan parasites including: Icthyophthirius multifillis (Ick or white spot), Costia Cilodonella, and Trichodina. 16.9 oz. bottle treats 2,500 gallons.

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