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API Hobbyist Grade Carbon & Ammonia Filter Media

API Hobbyist Grade Carbon & Ammonia Filter Media
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* Multipurpose chemical filter media for clean, clear, and healthy water
* Removes organic waste and contaminants to improve water quality
* Great for freshwater ornamental ponds

Aquarium PharmaceuticalsActivated Filter Carbon
Lightweight and long-lasting activated carbon effectively removes organic waste and contaminants. Adsorbs organic waste, odors, colors, medications, and toxins to create clearer, cleaner, and healthier water. Great for both fresh and saltwater aquariums as well as ornamental ponds. Use bulk chemical filter media with a filter media bag.

Remove deadly ammonia with the natural ammonia-removing mineral, zeolite. Easy-to-use chemical filter media continuously removes ammonia in new or established aquatic system. Ammo-Chips are fully rechargeable in saltwater solution, allowing multiple use for a cost-effective solution for ammonia control. For use with freshwater aquariums and ponds. Use bulk chemical filter media with a filter media bag.

Combination chemical filter media for clean and healthy freshwater aquariums and ornamental ponds. Superior combination of highly activated carbon and zeolite ammonia remover keeps water crystal clear and free of ammonia. Ammo-Carb also removes dissolved organic wastes, colors, and odors to improve water quality and promote fish health. Phosphate free. Use bulk chemical filter media with a filter media bag.

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