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San Francisco Bay Freeze-Dried Foods

San Francisco Bay Brand Freeze-Dried Food
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* Special freeze drying process ensures freshness
* Nutritious alternative to live and frozen fish foods
* Adds variety to the diet of tropical fish

San Francisco Bay BrandSan Francisco Bay Tropical Fish Food freezes the best ingredients available with a special liquid carbon dioxide freezing process to ensure freshness. All products are individually packaged to prevent freezer burn and to lock in flavor. Foods are nutritionally complete and allow fish to feed at their natural feeding levels. A convenient alternative to frozen foods.

Brine Shrimp: San Francisco Bay Brand Brine Shrimp are raised in saltwater ponds rich in algae and diatoms. Ranks at the top of the nutritional charts in high levels of essential fatty acids, protein, and pigments.

Bloodworms: Your freshwater community fish will thrive on this primary food. Also known as Red Mosquito Larvae, Bloodworms are a great food choice that is readily accepted by most aquarium fish.

Tubifex Worms: These bacteria-free freeze-dried Tubifex worms are pressed into cubes for easy handling and feeding. Fish love them.

Plankton: Ideal food to supplement the diet of carnivorous invertebrates and medium to large fish. San Francisco Bay Brand Plankton is high in protein and lipids plus their heavy concentration of beta carotene helps bring out the color of your fish.

Krill: High protein food excellent for large freshwater and tropical marine fish. Contains astaxanthin, a carotenoid that brings out the color of your fish. Also high in essential fatty and amino acids.

Mysis Shrimp: Nutritious tropical fish food is packed with natural protein. Uses only 100% Mysis shrimp, which is frozen with liquid carbon dioxide to ensure freshness. Individually packaged to prevent freezer burn and lock in flavor. Nutritionally complete alternative to frozen foods. Great dietary supplement or treat for both salt and freshwater fish, such as tetras, cichlids, livebearers, angels, seahorses, clownfish, gobies, and more.

Please click on "More Information" for ingredients and guarenteed analysis.

Tips from our Techs
Freeze dried foods not only offer natural nutrition, but also make a perfect media for delivering vitamins to fish efficiently. Just set the amount of freeze-dried food you'll be feeding in a small container, then add a few drops of vitamins.
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