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Fritz Aquatics Mardel Coppersafe®

Fritz Aquatics Mardel Coppersafe®
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* Effective chelated copper treatment & protection of aquarium fish
* Provides aquarium fish relief from Ick, Velvet & external parasites
* Maintains therapeutic levels in the aquarium for over one month
Made in the USA

Safe, stable, and non-staining chelated copper concentrate delivers relief from unwelcome parasites. Fritz Aquatics Mardel Coppersafe provides effective treatment and control of Ick, Velvet, and other external parasites of fresh and saltwater aquarium fish including flukes and anchor worms. Long-lasting chelated copper sulfate solution remains active, maintaining therapeutic levels, for over one month in the aquarium.

For use with ornamental fresh and saltwater aquarium fish. 16 oz Coppersafe treats 378 gallons. Made in USA.

Note: Remove invertebrates from tank. Coppesafe may be harmful to plants and some snails. Do not overdose.

Common Parasites of Fish:
Ick: Small white spots may cover the entire body; fish may rub or scratch against bottom
Velvet: Tiny yellowish spots; loss of color, rubbing or scratching against bottom
External Parasites: Extra mucous, visible spots or worms, rapid breathing, flashing, scratching or rubbing on rocks

Learn how to minimize potential outbreaks and maximize aquarium fish health with Quarantine and Hospital Tanks.

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