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Cycle Biological Water Conditioner

Cycle Biological Water Conditioner
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* Concentrated bacterial additive boosts the nitrogen cycle
* Establishes new aquariums and supplements biological filtration
* Maintains healthy aquarium environment

Concentrated bacterial formulation rapidly matures new aquariums. Carefully selected strains of beneficial bacteria, including Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter, actively reduce both ammonia and nitrite to prevent fish loss. Also enhances existing biological filters for optimum filter performance to achieve ideal water quality, naturally.

Unique processing method keeps bacteria in a dormant state until it comes in contact with ammonia or nitrite to ensure effectiveness even after extended periods of bottled storage. Minimum shelf life of three years is guaranteed. Cycle is non-pathogenic and will not harm plants, animals, or humans. It is impossible to overdose.

Use Cycle in established aquariums after: water changes, medication, introducing new fish, and replacing filter media to maintain a healthy aquarium system. For fresh or saltwater aquariums. 8.4 fl oz treats 500 gallons.

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