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FilStar Filtration Pads

FilStar Filtration Pads
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* Mechanical filtration pads for FilStar canister filters
* Remove coarse debris and solid waste for clear, aquarium water
* Filtration pads help maintain efficient canister filter performance

Aquarium PharmaceuticalsFilStar 20 Pores Per Inch Foam
Coarse foam pads filter large particles like food and plant fragments. Special open-cell design for free water flow. XP1 requires 1 foam, XP2, XP3, and XP4 require 2 foams.

FilStar 30 Pores Per Inch Foam
Fine foam pads filter fish waste and other fine particles. Special open-cell design for free water flow. XP1 requires 1 foam, XP2 and XP3 require 2 foams, and XP4 requires 6 foams.

FilStar Micro-Filtration Pads
Remove extremely fine waste, sediment and particles from water, making it crystal clear. Change pad at least once a month.

FilStar Progressive Micro-Filtration Pads
Innovative mechanical filtration pad features two visible layers that progress from coarse to fine. Efficiently traps coarse and fine waste particles and resists clogging to maintain even water flow. Place in last position in filter. Change pad at least once a month.

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