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Kordon Coral Sea Complete Salt Mix for Marine Aquariums

Kordon Coral Sea Complete Salt Mix for Marine Aquariums
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* Aquarium salt mix preconditioned with AmQuel water purifier
* Produce quality seawater for aquariums using RO or tap water
* Enjoy instant ammonia detoxification with each aquarium water change

Produce safe quality seawater for marine fish or coral reef aquariums using ordinary tap water! Kordon Coral Sea Complete Salt Mix for Marine Aquariums features an innovative patent-pending formulation preconditioned with AmQuel water purifier. Complete formula neutralizes and detoxifies chlorine, chloramine, and residual ammonia commonly found in tap water. PLUS with every water change using prepared Coral Sea seawater, your aquarium will have the benefit of instant ammonia detoxification!

Kordon Coral Sea Complete Salt Mix for Marine Aquariums is a premium grade marine salt blend that contains all the vital trace minerals and ingredients to duplicate natural ocean water. Includes essential buffers for stable pH and enhanced calcium and related ions to benefit reef systems. Dissolves quickly, and completely resulting in crystal-clear seawater.

Kordon Coral Sea Complete Salt Mix is formulated with an understanding of the needs of modern marine aquarist so even sophisticated reef aquariums, marine fish breeding aquariums, and coral propagating aquariums will thrive.

50-gallon salt mix contains two 25-gallon bags for convenient use.

Typical Analysis
(in ppm) of Coral Sea brand sea water at Natural Ocean Water Salinity (35 parts per thousand)
Ion Coral Sea* Natural Seawater
Cl (Chloride) 19,380 19,400
Na (Sodium) 10,614 10,800
SO4 (Sulfate) 2,619 2,700
Mg (Magnesium) 1,353 1,290
Ca (Calcium) 445 411
K (Potassium) 389 392
HCO3 (Bicarbonate) 193 140
Sr (Strontium) 8.0 8.1 min

*Alkalinity = 3.5 meg/l

Kordon Coral Sea Complete Salt Mix for Marine Aquariums includes enhanced levels of important trace element and other micronutrients including:

  • Fe (Iron)
  • Zn (Zinc)
  • Ni (Nickel)
  • F (Fluorine)
  • Mn (Manganese)
  • Co (Cobalt)
  • Se (Selenium)
  • Mo (Molybdenum)
  • V (Vanadium)
  • Ba (Barium)
  • Vitamins and other proprietary components

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