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CPR Aquatic CITR2 & CITRPRO In-Tank Refugiums

CPR Aquatic CITR2 & CITRPRO In-Tank Refugiums
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* Easy install in-tank refugiums for freshwater & saltwater aquariums
* Quarantine fish & corals or grow macroalgae for an all natural filter
* Available in two styles to suit your aquarium installation needs

In-tank safe houses boast versatile use from quarantine to boosting natural filtration and MORE! CPR Aquatic CITR2 & CITRPRO In-Tank Refugiums are simple to install units that function as a protected area great for acclimating new aquarium additions or allowing injured fish and corals to regenerate damaged tissue without the need for a separate quarantine tank. Choose Suction Cup Mounted CITR2 In-Tank Refugium or Bracket Mounted CITRPRO In-Tank Refugium to suit your installation preference.

CPR Aquatic CITR2 & CITRPRO In-Tank Refugiums provide the perfect place to cultivate beneficial macroalgae for improved aquarium filtration and stable water quality. Cultivate small organisms like copepods and amphipods to increase biodiversity or to provide a natural food source for planktivorous (plankton eating) fish. Also great as a protected "grow-out" area for newly propagated corals.

CPR Aquatic CITR2 & CITRPRO In-Tank Refugiums do not require a pump or powerhead if there is strong enough current from the side for gentle circulation. Otherwise your pump or powerhead outlet needs to have an outside diameter of 3/8", 5/16" or 8.5mm.

Small CITR2 and Small CITRPRO measures 7-3/8" x 4" x 7" high.

Large CITR2 and Large CITRPRO measures 11-11/16" x 5-3/4" x 8" high.

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