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seneye Pond Monitor System

seneye Pond Monitor System
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* USB device for automatic monitoring of 5 pond water parameters
* Monitor pond pH, water temperature, ammonia, light, & water level
* Automatically receive email & SMS alerts to prevent pond fish loss

Continuously monitor multiple parameters critical to pond health with unprecedented convenience. seneye Pond Monitor System revolutionizes routine testing with greater frequency, accuracy, sensitivity, ease, AND online support. If a problem is detected, customizable alerts are sent automatically via email and SMS (text message). PLUS, intelligent software lets you know how to fix the problem to keep your koi, goldfish, and other pond fish safe from the devastating effects of ammonia poisoning as well as the harmful swing in pH and temperature.

seneye Pond Monitor System is an USB device that connects to your personal computer to monitor the following pond water parameters: Free Ammonia, pH, Water Temperature, Water Level and Light Level. Easy to use device works in concert with software you download to access your very own online dashboard that displays each parameter being monitored. Gathered data is automatically graphed so you have a comprehensive view of your pond - not just a "snapshot" of a single test result. Innovative cloud-based system allows you to monitor and access pond vitals anywhere in the world from an Internet enabled computer or mobile wireless device.

seneye Pond Monitor System Monitors:

  • Temperature: Constantly monitors water temperature.
  • Free Ammonia: Monitors the highly toxic free ammonia (NH3) at very low levels, so you can stop your fish from dying from ammonia poisoning.
  • pH: The seneye monitors pH in your pond water between 6.4 and 9. This range is ideal for most aquatic life and by monitoring this range; increased accuracy has been achieved.
  • Total Light: Monitor your light levels over the course of the day and know if your lights fail.
  • Water Level: Readings are only taken when the seneye device is in water, no false readings.


  • Automatically tests multiple life critical parameters
  • Compatible with any sized pond
  • Easy to install, simply float in your pond or place inside filter
  • Constantly watching, alerts you before there is a problem
  • Get alerts however you want; flashing lights, e-mail, SMS*
  • Upload results to Internet and get straightforward advice*
  • USB connection with multiple connection options, including optional USB power adaptor
*seneye+ disposable slide required for some features

System Requirements:

  • Windows PC with a wired or wireless network and TCP/IP protocol, Windows XP, Vista 32-/64-bit, Windows 7 32-/64bit, Windows 8 32-/64bit.
  • Full speed USB 1.0 port
  • Minimum 1Ghz processor and 128mb RAM
  • Internet Browser: Internet Explorer 7.0+, Firefox 3.0+, Safari 3.0+
  • Download of seneye connect application required from

seneye Pond Monitor System includes a Submersible seneye Pond Device with 2 meter USB Cord, seneye+ Slide (first month), seneye Float, and Quick Start Guide.

seneye DRi Waterproof Connection Box and seneye Monitor System Accessories including the seneye 15 Meter USB Active Extension Cable and seneye+ Slide refills available and each sold separately.

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