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Wild Thing™ (Feather Whirl) Electronic Motion Ball

Wild Thing™ (Feather Whirl) Electronic Motion Ball
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* Weighted base helps create erratic spin and wobble motion
* Feather teaser wand flits and flutters for real prey-like action
* Electronic toy offers two speeds to suit your cat's preferences

Motion ball toy flits, spins, and rolls in unpredictable fashion to launch lazy cats into exercise mode. The ball's quiet motor produces just enough vibration to pique your cat's curiosity, and the feather teaser wand excites her prey-like instincts. The ball wobbles and rolls in multiple directions while the feather teaser spins at varying speeds to keep your cat guessing. She'll roll onto her back and rabbit kick the toy as she bats and swats the feather teaser. This plastic toy operates on 2 AA batteries, not included. 3" diameter x 15" high with tail.

This toy helps encourage your cat to get more exercise. A lack of physical activity can lead to weight gain, aggression, and poor behavior borne out of boredom. Toys that mimic the thrill of the hunt encourage even the most inactive cats to chase, pounce, and leap - which transforms playtime into exercise time!

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