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seneye Monitor System Accessories

seneye Monitor System Accessories
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* Accessories for seneye Home, Reef, and Pond monitoring devices
* Ease customization, maintenance & installation of seneye devices
* Keep seneye monitoring devices operating at peak performance

Ensure best performance from your seneye device with accessories that ease customization, maintenance and installation. seneye Monitor System Accessories are compatible with seneye Home Aquarium Monitor System and seneye Reef Aquarium Monitor System.

seneye+ Slide (Ammonia & pH) 3-Pack (Mfg# SEN000260)

Each disposable seneye+ Slide lasts 30 days and provides 1,500 ammonia and pH readings. Requires no time consuming or expensive calibration. Includes three disposable seneye+ Slides with individual activation codes for e-mail alerts, automatic online graphing, and personalized advice. *Please Note: The seneye+ Slide has a recommended use by date of 12 months from date of manufacture.

seneye Parts Pack (Mfg# SEN000228)

Pack contains a new black Back Cover and Suction Cup. Suction Cup is also compatible with the seneye+ Slide Soaker. Please note: The Back Cover and the Suction Cup are the only two parts on your seneye device you can lose or replace.

seneye+ Slide Soaker (Mfg# SEN000221)

Wet up and stabilize your seneye+ Slide faster with the seneye+ Slide Soaker. Simply fit your new seneye+ Slide in the seneye+ Slide Soaker and then place inside your aquarium or pond to allow proper soaking essential for accurate pH readings. Use included Suction Cup for convenient placement inside of your aquarium or Eyelet for tethering seneye+ Slide Soaker when floating seneye+ Slide Soaker in your pond.*seneye+ slide not included.

seneye Cleaner (Mfg# SEN000267)

Easily remove unsightly coralline algae or mineral buildup to restore the look of your seneye device. Empty nontoxic crystals into a glass of water and place your seneye device into the cleaning solution to remove even the hardest coralline algae or mineral buildup. Includes 30ml seneye Cleaner, Gloves, and Instructions. Note: Not for use inside aquarium. Remove seneye+ Slide and store it in aquarium water before cleaning your seneye device.

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Please click "More Information" for additional features of the seneye+ Slide and seneye Cleaner directions for use.

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