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MinnFinn® Mini

MinnFinn® Mini
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* Treatment for external disease-causing parasites, fungi, & bacteria
* 2-part treatment & neutralizer allow better control of treatment
* Neutralizes into safe, nontoxic ingredients requiring no water changes

Innovative broad-spectrum treatment simplifies disease treatment with superior efficacy, safety, and control. MinnFinn Mini for Freshwater Aquarium Fish treats most external disease-causing parasites, fungi, and bacteria, without the toxicity that will harm you, your fish, or the environment. Active ingredients hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid decomposes naturally into water, oxygen, and vinegar. NeuFinn treatment neutralizer halts activity of MinnFinn treatment and converts the vinegar byproduct into harmless carbon dioxide and water- eliminating the need for water changes after treatment!

MinnFinn Mini for Freshwater Aquarium Fish controls: protozoan parasites such as Trichodina, Chilodonella, Costia, Ich; external bacterial infections such as Columnaris, Mouth and Fin Rot, Bacterial Gill Disease; Fungus; and external parasites such as Flukes, Anchor Worm, and Fish Lice.

Includes one 50ml bottle of MinnFinn (Treatment) and one 20-gram pouch of NeuFinn (Neutralizer). Kit treats 220 gallons. Includes dropper and scoop.

Please Note: Do not use with any other treatments. Also, do not use for 7 days following a nitrofurazone treatment of other furan type medication. Do not use with invertebrates.

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