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* Environmentally safe, nontoxic medication for parasitic, bacterial, or fungal diseases
* Neutralizable, two-part treatment does not discolor water
* Application of treatment requires no water changes

Broad-spectrum medication treats parasitic, bacterial, and fungal infections. MinnFinn is the easiest treatment on the market to use. Treatment time is only one hour and no water changes are needed when you are done. NeuFinn, required with MinnFinn use, neutralizes and stops the treatment immediately, returning your pond's water chemistry back to its original and proper levels, with a slight elevation in oxygen levels. This ends the treatment quickly when necessary, giving you a wide margin of safety.

Once neutralized, MinnFinn breaks down into water, oxygen, and carbon dioxide. No water changes are required at the end of the treatment, saving you time and money. MinnFinn treats diseases cause by parasites, bacteria, or fungi. Controls protazoal parasites (e.g. Costia and Trichodina) in one treatment. Controls flukes in one to two treatments, depending on species. Controls Ich in three treatments over 5 days. Includes one-liter (1,000 ml) bottle of MinnFinn and one 387-gram pouch of NeuFinn. Kit treats 2,240 gallons. Do not use with invertebrates.

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