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HooFix® Trail Boot

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HooFix® Trail Boot
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* Protects a horse's hoof after emergencies on the trail or around home
* Compact, lightweight boot includes a convenient carry bag and hoof pick
* Inner protection pad absorbs shock and cushions the hoof

Made in the USA

Protect your horse's hoof in an emergency situation - and finish your trail ride in safety. HooFix Trail Boot is the most comfortable reusable hoof boot on the market and is a must-have for the trail or at home before the veterinarian or farrier comes. Lightweight and compact, this flexible boot goes over your horse's hoof and fits snugly with self-fastening strips. High-tech fabric provides long wear, yet is not heavy or bulky. Includes a protection pad inner sole (3/8" thick) to further cushion and protect by enhancing natural flex of the frog and assisting in breakover. Skid-resistant bottom is made from recycled tires to provide some traction. The trail boot folds down to fit neatly in the included drawstring sack, which you can keep in your saddlebag when on the trail. Includes protection pad, hoof pick and drawstring carry bag. Beige boot. Made in the USA.

For even better cushioning inside the boot, upgrade to the HooFix Ultimate Protection Pad (3/4" thick) which is made of high-performance cellular elastomers. This pad is twice as thick as the pad that comes standard in the Trail Boot and reduces impact by 80%. Delivers unsurpassed shock absorption.

Boot available in Large size only.

Approximate size of HooFix Trail Boot:
(in inches - width X length, measured straight across the boot)
Large: 6 1/2 x 7 1/8

Approximate size of HooFix Ultimate Protection Pad:
(in inches - width X length)
Regular: 5 1/4 x 6 Large: 6 x 6 3/4

If your horse wears shoe size 0 1 2 3
HooFix Trail Boot Regular Regular Regular Large
HooFix Ultimate Protection Pad Regular Regular Regular Large

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