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Alpaca Wool Nesting Material

Alpaca Wool Nesting Material
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* Attract nesting songbirds with this well-insulating, all-weather nesting fiber
* Lightweight yet strong and durable fibers repel water and dry quickly
* A great way to help songbirds make a home in your neighborhood!

Isn't it miraculous how quickly and perfectly birds construct their nests each season? Entice them to make a home in your neighborhood by offering them insulating nesting material. Ready-to-hang mesh bag of Alpaca Wool Nesting Material provides warm, weather-resistant material ideal for nest building. Alpaca wool has microscopic air pockets that make it an excellent insulator. It is lightweight and durable and also repels water and dries quickly. Mesh bag lets birds perch while they pull out some of this fiber. Supplies a soft, warm interior for bird nests - and lets you watch nesting activities from your window. The best all-weather nesting fiber you can find! Simply hang near your bird feeders or bird houses. 3 oz bag. Approximately 6" diameter.

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