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Drymate® Potty Pad Mate Fresh Grass Design

Drymate® Potty Pad Mate Fresh Grass Design
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* Natural-looking, reusable fabric mat for indoor housetraining has patented Zorb-tech™ technology to absorb fast!
* Bonded waterproof backing on housebreaking pad protects your floors
* Machine washable eliminating pad is made in the USA

Made in the USA

Safe and clean indoor place for elimination that can be used again and again, and has a design that looks just like grass! Great for housetraining puppies or a "just-in-case" pad for senior dogs whose bladder control is not as good as it once was. Patented Zorb-tech in this Drymate Potty Pad absorbs fast, in fact, it absorbs and contains up to 5X its weight in liquids. This helps prevent urine tracking as well as protecting against urine run-off. Bonded, waterproof backing is leak-resistant to stop messes from soaking through and damaging your floors. It also dries fast. Pad is soft and comfortable, with fabric made from 50% recycled materials.

Potty Pad provides a natural-looking area dogs to which dogs instinctively gravitate. Use to housetrain puppies or adopted adult dogs, either alone or under conventional paper pads, such as our Piddle Pads®,to further protect your floors. Also great for adult dogs, who may be incontinent because of age, medication, or other issues. This durable, long-lasting pad can be easily cut to fit, if needed, without fraying. Cleaning up is no problem, because pad is machine washable. Made in the USA.

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