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Stokes Select Stove Pipe Baffle

Stokes Select Stove Pipe Baffle
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* Powder-coated steel constructed baffle doesn't allow squirrels to get a grip!
* Anti-squirrel accessory prevents small mammals from raiding your pole-mounted wild bird feeder
* Squirrel baffle installs easily so you can keep unwanted animals away quickly

Keep squirrels and other thieves from feeders and mammalian or reptilian predators from getting to nestlings. Steel cylinder mounts around pole 4 to 5 feet above ground. Baffle works three ways to keep squirrels off:

  1. The slippery surface keeps them from getting a grip.
  2. The length of the baffle, like a stove pipe hat, keeps them from jumping over it easily.
  3. When installed properly, it wobbles, so squirrels or other seed stealers sense that it is not secure, and stay off.

Baffle may also be used to protect nestlings from climbing predator mammals or reptiles. Stove Pipe Baffle is very easy to install and fits on poles 1/2" to 1-1/4" diameter. Mounting hardware included.

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