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T8 Keto Flush Otic

T8 Keto Flush Otic
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* Nonprescription veterinarian-quality otic flush for dogs, cats, & horses
* Antimicrobial formula gently flushes and cleanses skin and ears of dogs
* Patented formulation contains the active ingredient ketoconazole

Patented veterinarian-quality skin and ear formulation cleanses with effective antimicrobial activity. T8 Keto Flush Otic is a topical antibacterial, antifungal formulation with TRIS-EDTA for dogs, cats, and horses. Patented, alkaline (pH 8.5), water-based formulation contains mild surfactants for gentle cleansing and flushing. Ketoconazole, buffered chelating agent, and an antimicrobial preservative deliver professional antibacterial and antifungal activity.

Use T8 Keto Flush Otic for gentle flushing and cleansing of skin and ears in such conditions where an antibacterial and antifungal formulation is indicated. For topical use on dogs, cats, and horses.

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