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New Era Grazer™ Foods

New Era Grazer™ Foods
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* Innovative feeding system appeals to grazing aquarium fish species
* Enjoy enhanced views of aquarium fish and natural grazing behavior
* Use Grazer Foods available for freshwater and marine aquarium fish

New EraProvide natural grazing experience vital for fish accustomed to nibbling throughout the day. New Era Grazer Foods employs a unique food deliver system to recreate the natural grazing experience for aquarium fish. Highly digestible ingredients in Grazer Foods support aquarium fish health, color, and vitality to maximize nutrition while minimizing waste that can compromise aquarium water quality. Made from quality sustainably sourced ingredients.

Secure New Era Grazer Foods onto Grazer Suction Fixing, sold separately, and install to the front or side of your aquarium. This unique food deliver system accommodates several fish at the same time, which gives you great views of the feeding activity.

Choose Mini Tropical Grazer for all tropical freshwater community grazing species including Large Characins /Tetras, Large Barbs, Gobies, Livebearers, Rainbows, Snakeheads and Puffers.

Choose Mini Marine Grazers for Tangs, Surgeonfish, Rabbitfish, Butterflyfish, all marine Angelfish, and Gobies.

Please Note: Grazer Suction Fixing is not included with the foods. Must be purchased separately.

Feeding Guide
Secure a Mini Marine Grazer or Mini Tropical Grazer onto the Grazer Suction Fixing and place it halfway down on your aquarium. Feed only when aquarium is illuminated. Before turning the tank lights out remove any uneaten Mini Grazer.

Did you know?
Grazing fish in the home aquarium environment are often provided minimal opportunity to engage in grazing behavior. Conventional daily feedings can fall short on meeting the daily energy requirements of grazers.

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