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JBJ Rimless Frag Tank

JBJ Rimless Frag Tank
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* All-in-one rimless aquarium specially designed for coral propagation
* Stylish, functional way to optimize housing and care of coral fragments
* Low-profile aquarium with built-in filtration creates ideal conditions for coral frags

Tired of your frag tank looking too DIY? JBJ Rimless Frag Tank is your solution for a dedicated coral frag grow-out tank that's also perfect as a professional-looking display. From the makers of the popular all-in-one Nano Cube aquarium comes an ultra cool aquarium with stylish modern aesthetics designed to optimize coral propagation. Low-profile 8mm bent glass aquarium with built-in filtration eases proper care of coral fragments while providing stunning panoramic views.

JBJ Rimless Frag Tank features an integrated filtration compartment in the back that discreetly conceals equipment while ensuring crystal-clear water filtration and powerful water flow. JBJ Rimless Frag Tank includes a 3-stage Filter Media Basket installed with a mechanical filter sponge to trap debris, activated carbon for chemical filtration, and ceramic rings for biological filtration. Designated heater column and refugium column allows convenient custom installation to suit your specific aquarium needs. 266-gph Accela powerhead with directional flow nozzle provides vital aquarium filtration and water circulation. Black egg-crate frag rack included. 8mm bent glass construction.

JBJ Rimless Frag Tank measures 20" x 24" x 9" high. Approximately 20-gallon capacity. Lighting not included.

Looking to illuminate your JBJ Rimless Frag Tank? The JBJ Pacifica LED Lighting System features a sleek low profile housing that complements modern aquarium design. 108W unit is engineered to handle the PAR needs of novice to expert level corals featuring sixteen (16) high performance 12,000K extreme cool white LEDs, sixteen (16) 20,000K crisp blue LEDs, PLUS Four (4) 456nm actinic blue moonlighting to deliver a 24-hour lighting cycle for your marine reef aquarium.

Aquarium Stand Showcase your Rimless Nano Cube Aquarium with the stylish JBJ Cabinet Stand. Ready to assemble stand elevates your aquarium to an optimal viewing level and helps ease accessibility for routine aquarium maintenance.

For your convenience, we've kitted together the 20 gallon JBJ Frag Tank with the coordinating JBJ Cabinet Stand.

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20 gallon JBJ Frag Tank with Stand Kit now available!
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