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Simple Solution® Training Pads

Simple Solution® Training Pads
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* Advanced Polymer Technology converts liquid into gel to prevent leaking and run-off
* Simple Solution Training Pads feature built-in attractant and a quilted top to trap and hold urine
* Choose Original pads or 60% bigger X-Large pads for big breeds and/or multiple dogs

Simple Solution Training Pads help you housetrain your dog while minimizing mess, odor, and hassle. Advanced Polymer Technology within each pad converts liquid into gel to prevent leaking and run-off. Each Simple Solution Training Pad draws in and holds up to 4.5 cups of liquid. A built-in attractant encourages instinctive elimination to speed up training. Simple Solution Training Pads feature 5-layer construction and an embossed quilt pattern to trap urine and direct it down into the pad. In addition to housetraining, Simple Solution Training Pads are helpful for lining your dog's crate, cleaning up spills, wiping off muddy paws, and covering car seats during travel. Choose Original pads or 60% larger X-Large pads, which offer the same absorbency and protection in pads ideal for big breeds and/or multiple dogs.

Pad Size Dimensions
Original Pads 23" x 24"
X-Large Pads 28" x 30"

If you like these pads, we suggest trying our Classic Piddle Pads and our Super Large Piddle Pads designed to absorb moisture 50% FASTER than comparable housetraining pads. Our veterinarians recommend these top-of-the-line pads for dogs who need extra absorbency or for households with multiple dogs.

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