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Safari® Cat Grooming Tools

Safari® Cat Grooming Tools
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* Excellent for grooming and removing dead fur from your cat's haircoat
* Removes tangles, helps reduce shedding, and detects fleas
* Use Bristle Brush & Flea Comb every day; Shedding Blade once or twice a week

Grooming tools keep shedding at bay and help you develop and keep a good physical bond with your cat. Regular grooming also reduces hairballs, and improves the appearance of your cat's coat.

The soft Bristle Brush is excellent for general grooming of cats. It helps remove tangles, loose hair, and helps smooth the coat, making it shiny. Use it every day to help keep hair from accumulating around the house and also removes any loose hair. With regular use, the Bristle Brush will also help to reduce shedding. 6-1/4" long.

The Stainless Steel Cat Shed Blade is great for removing dead and semi-dead hair making your cat's coat healthier and more lustrous. This greatly reduces the problem of hairballs in your cat's digestive tract. Recommended use for Safari's single shedding blade is twice a week. 8" long.

Use Double-Sided Flea Comb to find and remove fleas. It can also be used to identify skin and coat problems. Before using, groom your cat with a comb or brush to remove mats and tangles that could damage the teeth of the flea comb. This comb is also great for combing delicate areas on your cats' face. 2" x 3-1/2" long.

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