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Canned Wax Worms

Canned Wax Worms
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* Plump canned wax worms for insect-eating exotic small pets
* Add insects & nutritional variety to the diet of small pet animals
* Great treat for hedgehogs as well as omnivorous exotic pet species

Plump flavorful wax worms boost nutritional variety for insect-eating exotic small pets. Canned Wax Worms from Birdwatcher's Choice are farm-raised for exceptional quality and are specially packed to lock in natural juices and nutrients. Plump, juicy worms have a softened exoskeleton for easy feeding and are readily accepted even by finicky feeders. 3/4" long, approx 300 count per 2.4 oz can. Refrigerate for up to 2 weeks once opened.

Offer Canned Mealworms as an occasional treat in addition to a balanced daily diet for a good source of protein for your insectivorous (insect-eating) exotic small pet. Great for exotic small pets such as hedgehogs, sugar gliders as well as omnivorous small pets.

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