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Foraging Pocket Mini & Grand Slam

Foraging Pocket Mini & Grand Slam
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* Natural materials let your bird forage to his heart's content, just like nature intended!
* Foraging toy helps bring needed enrichment to your bird's cage time
* Add a treat or food to the foraging pocket to reward your bird!

Intermediate Foraging Level

Great exercise for the mind and beak, these deceptively simple toys are full of the foraging fun your bird craves. Made of hand-woven bamboo, foraging baskets hang upside down and have dozens of holes with tempting natural materials sticking out, just beckoning your bird. Your bird swings and climbs As she explores the colorful coconut fiber and shredding paper bursting from the baskets. Baskets are covered with colorful wood sticks, making this a chewer's delight! On top of the basket is an enticing vine ball, with cornhusks and a wooden bead, all with different textures your bird loves to chew. Baskets and vine balls are both perfect for placing treats in for your bird to forage, an avian necessity. Mini Slam is great for small and medium-sized birds, such as parakeets or conures, while Grand Slam is ideal for medium to large sizes, from larger conures to Amazons. Each comes with a sisal rope for hanging. Use Quick Link for a more secure hanger.

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