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Vetera® Gold Vaccine

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Vetera® Gold Vaccine
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* Protect your horse against seven different major infectious diseases with one vaccine
* Reduces the number of injections needed
* Used for the vaccination of healthy horses 4 months of age or older

Provides protection against seven diseases in one convenient vaccine. Vetera Gold is used as an aid in the prevention of diseases caused by Eastern and Western Encephalomyelitis, (EEE and WEE), and West Nile Virus, incorporating the 2005 WNV horse isolate that protects against the strain most likely to infect horses today. It also aids in prevention of tetanus; and as an aid in the reduction of respiratory disease caused by Equine Herpes virus type 1 (EHV-1), Equine Herpes virus type 4 (EHV-4), and Equine Influenza virus types A2 North American and A2 Eurasian, including the Ohio/2003, Kentucky/95, and Newmarket/2/93 influenza strains as recommended by the Expert Surveillance Panel on Equine Influenza. The Vetera Gold vaccine contains killed viruses and inactivated bacterin toxoid. The duration of immunity against Equine Influenza is at least 6 months and against West Nile Virus at least 12 months.

Vetera vaccines are formulated using a proprietary exclusive Ultrafil™ Purification Technology, which removes most of the extraneous proteins. This makes it possible to include more antigens in a 1-mL dose and enables the horse's immune system to focus more directly on the relevant antigens. As a result of Ultrafil Purification Technology, less of each individual antigen is required in the Vetera Gold vaccines to generate an efficacious immune response.

*Residents of CA, CT, DE, IL, MI, MN, NH, NJ, or NY, please ask your veterinarian for a prescription. NY residents may use a certificate of need. Shipping Vaccines

For more information please refer to our informative Vaccine Schedule For Horses. Or view our Equine Vaccine Product Chart.

Keep track of your horse's vaccinations and medical records with a Horse Health Record.

In accordance with federal packaging regulation 9CFR Part 112, vaccines may only be shipped in the manufacturer's original, unopened container. This regulation helps ensure vaccine quality and consistency in labeling. However, because of this regulation, we cannot accept open packages of vaccines for return or replacement once the seal or package has been broken.

Please click on "More Information" for usage and storage.

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We sell to breeders, groomers, kennels, catteries, shelters, rescue groups, farms, adoption agencies, veterinarians and other pet enthusiasts. We do not sell to other commercial entities, distributors, etc.

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