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EMT Gel and Spray

EMT Gel and Spray
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* Protect horse wounds and help them heal faster
* Keep wounds comfortable and deter horses from irritating them further
* Active ingredient helps prevent bacterial infections and reduce scarring potential

Has your horse caught some barbed wire in the field? Has she developed an irritating hot spot? EMT Gel and EMT Spray are made to help heal and protect wounds, make them more comfortable, and keep animals from irritating them further. Ideal for burns, scrapes, wounds, and hot spots. EMT is safe, nontoxic and non-sensitizing. For dogs, cats, and pet animals including horses, birds and reptiles.

All-natural EMT Gel contains the active ingredient Type I hydrolysate of collagen. It interacts with the wound site, maintaining a moist environment that encourages wound healing. Collagen provides the matrix for new cell growth. It acts as a tissue adhesive, helps to prevent bacterial infection and reduces the potential of scarring.

EMT Spray is a light, non-stinging formulation of collagen combined with Bitrex™, "The bitterest stuff on earth." EMT Spray has the same healing benefits as EMT Gel, but also helps prevent wound licking.

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