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Hemostat, Forceps & Scissors

Hemostat, Forceps & Scissors
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* Pull out hair, burrs, and splinters with ease using our Mosquito Hemostat
* Cut bandages to size or remove bandages with our Bandage Scissors
* Use Surgical Scissors to cut and dissect tissues during surgery
* Hold tissue in place when applying sutures with Thumb Forceps

Keep on hand these fine quality stainless steel tools for routine grooming tasks or assistance in the operating room. The Mosquito Hemostat gives you a good grip when pulling out hair, burrs, or splinters. It has a locking ratchet, narrow nose and short shaft. It comes to a fine blunt point and has a serrated nose. Also ideal for grooming around the face and ears and for use by groomers. Bandage Scissors help trim bandages to custom size, cut through clothing or gauze, and help remove bandages without injury to skin because the blades are angled away from the skin. Surgical Scissors are ideal for cutting sutures and bandages. They have rounded ends.Thumb Forceps are used to hold tissues in place when applying sutures, to gently move tissues out of the way during exploratory surgery and to move dressings or draping without using the hands or fingers.

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