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Dragonwood Perches

Dragonwood Perches
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* Natural hardwood perches for small pets to climb and chew
* Enrich small pet habitats with climbing and chewing activities
* Chewing challenge helps keep small pet teeth trim and healthy

Made in the USA

Heavy chewers will delight over these hardwood perches. Dragonwood Perches for Small Pets is the perfect outlet for natural chewing behavior essential for small pet dental health. Durable dragonwood from Florida offers a great chewing challenge and fun, easy-to-grip climbing surfaces for loads of enriching activity. Heavy-duty bolt on end ensures a secure attachment. Dragonwood Perches for Small Pets are available in Single or Multi Branch. Great for mice, rats and any small pets that love to climb and chew. Perch dimensions are approximate.

Dragonwood Perch Length
Single 1" diameter 10"-12" long
Single 1-1/2" diameter 15"-18" long
Single 1-1/2"-2" diameter 18"-20" long
Multi-Branch 1" diameter 10"-12" long
Multi-Branch 1-1/2" diameter 15"-18" long
Multi-Branch 2" diameter 15"-18" long

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