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Stink Free Solid and Stick-On Deodorizers

Stink Free Solid and Stick-On Deodorizers
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* Attract, trap, and destroy everyday ferret odors with powerful deodorizers
* Odor control perfect for litter box area or where ferret odors are a problem
* Choose from two powerful odor-busting tools: solid or stick-on

Keep ferret litter odors from permeating your entire home with continuous, room-wide odor control. Stink Free Solid and Stick-On Deodorizers are NOT just temporary cover ups. They contain an integrated system of odor neutralizers that attract odors out of the air like a magnet, then block and destroy them. Each is mildly scented to leave behind a gentle, pleasant fragrance. Use anywhere odors are a problem, especially the litter box area. Solid can be placed in an inconspicuous spot for long-lasting control in rooms up to 450 sq feet for up to 90 days. Rain Storm Scent. Stick-On is for use directly on the litter box; lasts 30-45 days. It contains an adhesive strip for easy attachment. Citrus Breeze Scent. Nontoxic formulas.

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