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Exo Terra Bent Glass Turtle Terrarium

Exo Terra Bent Glass Turtle Terrarium
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* Solid & sturdy all-glass terrarium provides aquatic turtles with a natural aquatic environment
* Lower front panel with bent corners offers a perfect view and better interaction with your pet turtle
* Extra wide living and swimming area for aquatic turtles also expands landscaping possibilities

Exo-TerraWhy house aquatic turtles in fish tanks? The Exo Terra Bent Glass Turtle Terrarium is the innovative aquatic reptile habitat featuring deeper dimensions designed for expanded living and swimming area for aquatic turtles. Solid and sturdy all-glass terrarium boasts a lower front panel with bent corners. This distinct feature provides the perfect view while allowing better interaction with your reptile pet. In addition to more living and swimming space, the Exo Terra Bent Glass Turtle Terrarium expands decorating possibilities for the creation of naturalistic aquatic habitats.

The Exo Terra Bent Glass Turtle Terrarium is ideal for aquatic turtles and other aquatic reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates. However, it can also be used for some ground-dwelling species such as land crabs, leopard geckos, bearded dragons, tortoises and box turtles.

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