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Airmax Large Pond Aeration System

Airmax Large Pond Aeration System
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* Powerful professional pond aeration system with pump cabinet
* Self-weighted diffusers boost pond aeration and water circulation
* Durable composite cabinet with cooling fan protects air compressor

Powerful AND energy-efficient pond aeration system keeps operating cost to a minimum! Airmax Large Pond Aeration System effectively aerates large fish ponds and lakes up to one acre in size without consuming a lot of electricity - even when used continuously. All-in-one professional system for vital pond aeration and water circulation comes complete with SilentAir Air Compressor, ProAir-2 Self-Weighted Diffusers, 3/8" EasySet Self-Weighted Airline AND the Airmax SilentAir Composite Cabinet with cooling fan for a truly remarkable package deal!

Airmax Large Pond Aeration System is a thoughtfully designed air delivery system that circulates the largest amount of pond water with minimal effort. Bottom-diffused aeration generates rising columns of air that break up potentially harmful thermal layers while ensuring beneficial atmospheric interaction. In other words, deeper areas of the pond that experience poor water quality, low oxygen levels and little or no movement will be invigorated with life-supporting oxygen. Enjoy clean, clear and healthy water throughout the entire pond water column.


  • Airmax SilentAir Compressor: Powerful yet energy-efficient compressor pushes oxygen through your pond while remaining whisper-quiet thanks to the vibration reducing rubber feet. Integrated air regulator provides easy airflow management.
  • ProAir-2 Diffuser Plates - Synergistic diffuser design maximizes total circulation and oxygen transfer while non-stick Teflon® coating prevents debris accumulation. Self-weighted black powder-coated steel base elevates the diffusers up from the pond bottom and out of muck and debris.
  • 3/8" EasySet Self-Weighted Airline - Flexible and durable thick-walled airline for kink-free and trouble-free use. This durable PVC composite airline resists rips and tears and is resilient against fishing hooks and foot traffic from swimmers, pets and wildlife.
  • SilentAir Standard Composite Cabinet - Rock-like composite cabinet is lightweight, durable and corrosion resistant. Integrated cooling fan keeps the interior clean, cool and dry, increasing performance and extending compressor life. Elevated cabinet base allows easy installation and eliminates chances of water damage to compressor and components. Removable top for quick and easy access. 23" x 17" x 15" high.

  SW20 SW40
CFM 2.5 4.9
Max Pond Size 1/4 acre 1/2 acre
Max Depth 6 ft 6 ft
# of 2-stick Diffusers 2 4
Monthly Operating Cost (ran 24/7) $2.52 $5.04

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Downloadable Airmax Large Pond Aeration System Manual. (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 or later - get it here for free)

Please click on "More Information" for installation instructions.

Great 2-year manufacturer warranty
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