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Thrush Magic™ Paste

Thrush Magic™ Paste
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* Contains antibacterial and antifungal ingredients
* Topical paste stays on hoof, even when moist
* Easily goes into crevices ordinary treatments can't

Keep thrush and white line infections in check with this gooey paste that stays put, ensuring the active ingredients do their job! Thrush Magic Paste contains an antibacterial ingredient and an antifungal to dry the area and shield against these devastating hoof conditions. Convenient syringe applicator means you get the ingredients right where they're needed - in crevices where other topicals can't reach - applicator also ensures no mess and no waste. Paste is insoluble in water, urine, or in other moist conditions and adheres well to hoof, so ingredients stay where needed. Use in the frog, in white line area under shoe, and under pads. Each syringe contains up to 30 applications.

Directions: Place the tip of syringe in center of frog portion of the hoof and insert 1 to 3 cc's of Thrush Magic. Apply every two to three days until condition clears, and once a week thereafter for maintenance.

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