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Marineland Hidden and Accent LED Lighting Systems

Marineland Hidden and Accent LED Lighting Systems
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* Innovative LED lighting system that mounts inside your aquarium
* Enjoy bright LED aquarium illumination without seeing the fixture
* Use fully sealed LED fixtures underwater for amazing light effects

MarinelandExplore one-of-a-kind lighting setups with brilliant, fully-submersible LEDs. Marineland Hidden and Accent LED Lighting Systems are complete LED lighting systems that mount INSIDE your aquarium. Exclusive in-frame mount attaches on the inside of your frame so you see the light but not the fixture. Integrated cord routing offers discreet management of single power cord while directional adjustment dial lets you shine powerful LED lighting where you want it. Use included suction cups to mount your submersible LED anywhere you can imagine.

Hidden LED Lighting System combines 6,500K white and 460nm blue LEDs for pleasant general illumination in most aquariums. In-line 3-mode ON/OFF switch provides simple manual control over daytime, lunar and OFF positions.

Accent LED Lighting System is available in two single-color choices. 460nm Blue is great for enhancing coral growth and color or for use as a supplemental lunar light. 660nm Red is a supplemental plant light great for promoting freshwater plant growth or to enhance red/orange aquarium fish and coral coloration.

Please specify 460nm Blue or 660nm Red for Marineland Accent LED Lighting System.

Hidden LED Lighting System

Model # of 6500°K
White LEDs
(0.06 watt)
# of 460nm
Blue LEDs
(0.06 watt)
at 12"
at 24"
17" 56 16 25/886 10/302 300
21" 72 16 25/1121 11/377 350

Accent LED Lighting System

Model # of 0.06
watt LEDs
at 12"
460 nm Blue 72 25
660 nm Red 72 52

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