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* GastroMax3 may help prevent gastric ulcers in healthy horses
* Contains 2.3 grams omeprazole without a prescription
* Helps reduce and neutralize acid in a horse's stomach

GastroMax3 can help prevent gastric ulcers in healthy horses. GastroMax3 contains omeprazole at a level that does not require a prescription, plus sodium acid carbonate and l-glutamine, a trio of active ingredients that work together to support normal acid levels in a horse's stomach. GastroMax3 is recommended for use during stressful events such as intense training, racing, showing, traveling, stall confinement, and competition.

Dosage: The minimum recommended dose is 1/4 syringe (see chart below).

Horse Weight Dose
Less than 600 lbs or 273 kg Consult a veterinarian
600-1,200 lbs or 273-545 kg 1 dose per day
Over 1,200 lbs or 545 kg 2 doses once per day

The entire dose should be deposited on the back of the tongue or deep in the cheek pouch. Horses should be observed briefly to assure no part of the dose is lost or rejected. If any of the doses is lost, re-dosing is recommended.

Please click on "More Information" for syringe instructions and other manufacturer information.

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