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Exo Terra Worm Dish

Exo Terra Worm Dish
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* Specialized reptile food dish to keep feeder worms contained
* Allow hungry reptiles full view and easy access to a tasty live meal
* Edged lid prevents mealworms from escaping & separates for easy cleaning

Exo-TerraMaximize reptile nutrition by keeping live foods contained and easily accessible. Exo Terra Worm Dish enhances the hunting/feeding experience for reptiles by allowing unobstructed views of live, moving food. Mealworms and other feeder worms can't escape and turn into inedible beetles thanks to a specially designed edged ring. Vitamin and mineral supplements can be easily added to the dish to give live mealworms a nutritional boost. Any excess powder can be reused to extend your reptile budget!

Exo Terra Worm Dish complements any herptile habitat with its realistic faux rock finish. This clever, 2-piece dish looks like natural rock but separates with ease for convenient cleaning. The Exo Terra Worm Dish measures approximately 4" x 3-1/4" x 1-3/4" high.

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