Reverse Osmosis De-Ionization Units for Aquarium Use: AquaFX Barracuda RO/DI Units
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AquaFX Barracuda RO/DI Units

AquaFX Barracuda RO/DI Units
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* 4-stage Reverse Osmosis (RO) & De-ionization (DI) units produce ultra pure water
* DI stage polishes RO water for Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) reduction beyond 90%!
* Use RO/DI water in freshwater or saltwater aquariums that require highest water quality

AquaFX4-stage RO/DI units produce ultra pure water for aquarium hobbyists that demand the best. AquaFX Barracuda RO/DI Units adds another filtration stage to its premier water filtration technology for TDS rejection rates beyond 90%! Standard unit comes with a high efficiency, 1-micron sediment pre-filter (Stage 1), high-capacity chlorine and Volatile Organic Compound (VOC's) removing Carbon Block (Stage 2) and a special TFC/HI-S RO membrane (Stage 3). The RO membrane is a TFC sheeted element boasting high silicate rejection. Mixed bed DI resin filter (Stage 4) polishes RO water for ultra pure water of the highest quality.

Barracuda RO/DI Units feature a heavy-duty solid aluminum metal bracket for reliable "no-rust" mounting. Bracket-mounted 160psi pressure gauge allows easy monitoring of water pressure through the unit. Barracuda RO/DI Units are available in 50, 100, 200 and 300 gpd flow rates to produce ultra pure water great for use with freshwater or saltwater aquariums housing delicate species. Double Membrane 200 gpd RO/DI Unit and Triple Membrane 300 gpd RO/DI Unit are fitted with additional TFC/HI-S RO membranes to ensure reliable production of pure water (two RO membranes and three RO membranes, respectively).

All systems include quick connect fittings, tubing, a filter wrench for easy cartridge replacement and a feed adaptor.

To ensure reliable RO/DI unit performance, genuine AquaFX Replacement Filters and AquaFX Float Valve and Auto Shutoff Kit are available, each sold separately.

Use the AquaFX Booster Pump to increase water line pressure to operational levels (above 35psi) or to optimize the overall performance of your RO/DI system.

Operational Specifications
Max. Total Dissolved Solids 140 ppm
Max. Temperature 80°F
Min. Temperature 40°F
Max. Pressure 80 psi
Min. Pressure 40 psi

Downloadable Barracuda Manual PDF.
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