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Exo Terra Plantation Soil Reptile Substrate

Exo Terra Plantation Soil Reptile Substrate
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* 100% natural substrate ideal for humidity-loving reptiles
* Stimulates natural digging & burrowing behavior
* Can be used as a nutritional planting soil for live terrarium setups
Exo Terra Provide 100% natural terrarium substrate for frogs, salamanders, and other humidity-loving reptiles and amphibians. Made from compressed coconut husk from the plantations of tropical Asia, extremely absorbent plantation soil can be used as bedding, an incubation medium or planting substrate, and is naturally bacterial and fungal resistant. Plantation Soil can even be used as a nutritional planting soil for live plants in a terrarium setup. Ideal for increasing humidity in the home terrarium and totally safe for burrowing or digging animals. Available in space-saving compressed 8 qt Bricks.

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Environmentally Friendly Product

Eco-friendly products support your efforts to care for your terrarium with a "green" approach letting you take care of your reptiles while taking care of our planet, too.

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