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Complete Blend Plus Reef Food

Complete Blend Plus Reef Food
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* Premium frozen seafood blend with copepods, and Selcon
* Vitamin-enriched food for reef fish, invertebrates and corals
* Contains spirulina to enhance natural aquarium fish coloration

Frozen aquarium food elevated to chef-created succulent seafood and spirulina cuisine. Rogger's Complete Blend Plus Reef Food is the premium frozen seafood blend with a nutrient boost. Copepods, Selcon and aloe vera adds exceptional nutrition to tasty wild-caught shrimp, squid, octopus, clam, and mussels. Fresh lobster and scallops add even richer flavor and nutrient content. 100% pure spirulina enhance natural aquarium fish coloration and fresh-pressed garlic stimulates appetite. Your reef aquarium fish, invertebrates and corals receive the natural flavors they crave together with the nutrients they need to thrive-all without the need for vitamin or amino acid supplementation.

Conventional frozen aquarium fish foods need to be thawed before dispersed into the aquarium. This general feeding practice can be wasteful especially in reef aquariums with high water flow. Not so with Rogger's Complete Blend Plus Reef Food. When placed in our 3" x 4" Fine Mesh Media Bag and secured with the VeggieMag, this clever "mesh-and-clip" formula holds solid for hours to encourage natural picking and foraging behavior. Rogger's Complete Blend Plus Reef Food contains no preservatives, no binders, and no fillers; vitamin and HUFA fortified for complete nutrition.

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The frozen aquarium fish food that does more
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